I have created these pages long time ago to place the information about software I have close relation to.

Please visit http://ua.com.ua to review my new web page devoted my projects.

Read software section offered for your attention!

"Taler" Ltd. my favourite software company - will tell you a little about itself on these pages.

Significant place on these pages takes the information about me ( description of projects I took part in , resume) and about people worked with me for a long time. Now we are looking for reliable employer outside the former USSR.

However  right now the team is still here. We are carrying out various tasks in information sphere. If you're interested in any work performer within the sphere of software, network technologies or Web design - you're welcome! Our prices are lowest and the quality is highest!

I hope you'll find useful information on these pages. I am always waiting for correspondence from you with great interest, doesn't matter - critical or laudatory, the main point is that your reply shows your interest!

I have launched several new interesting sites of "Ukrainian Information Center u@". Please visit it, you'll get a lot of curious things! Here is a list:

u@  Household machinery catalogue u@ Household machinery catalogue - fine place to get acknowledged with household machinery. Gas cookers, fridges, dish washers, washing machines, water heaters and conditioners, phones, video cameras, TVs, video technics, car players - info for anyone's taste!
Each kind of goods has a technical description including all its features and photo image. The most important thing is filter ability (by goods kind or manufacturer)!

u@ Worl Web cameras catalogue u@ Worl Web cameras catalogue - excellent place where you can see the world as it is now, this second, immediately. There is huge amount of video cameras attached to Internet, and you'll have a list of such links. Do you want to see Greenland landscapes or Paris downtown weather? Feel free to do it! Come on, see it...
This site offers convenient navigation through countries and cities (In Russian and English). Go on!

Photo-Bdlin Photo-Bdlin - this site was intended to serve as place where you can speak outloud all you can't keep inside of you. It contains fun photos, pictures, combos. You can see it and leave your comments to me (even not comments: not associations: just a part of your mood!).
In addition, I've announced a competition here.

u@ Ukrainian Information Center Web Design Studio u@ Ukrainian Information Center Web Design Studio - this site is for those who understanding that sites are not mushrooms growing wild after rain, it should be made by professionals.
Site contains popular description of Internet role for business, possible purposes of your Internet virtual representative office use.
You'll have the info on design studio, its work, people, activity principles.
Here you'll find detailed description of new interesting action of design studio "Let's Inhabit Internet Now!" - action, allowing you to have your unique Internet virtual representative office for modest price.

u@ Ukrainian Information Center u@ Ukrainian Information Center - here you'll find the info that fit all your requests. I am glad to present you all our sites under u@ sign.
It's so simple to type ua.com.ua in your browser and get to us! Our plans for nearest future include various sites, including virtual shop, Internet links catalogue, employment center, construction devoted site. We hope this small information island will grow into whole continent where anyone can find all what he need.

Hope to meet you again! Let all your beer be dark, and your life good!

Maxim Ronshin

I have enjoyed recently reading letter of Vitaliy Lukovich with variation of my above words, quoting: "Let all women be dark, main thing is bear should remain desirable!" ;-)))

P.S. You can always return to this start page by clicking to house on the table in top left corner.
P.P.S. Copyright to complex design and its parts is reserved by Maxim Ronshin (except start image)

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