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CortinaNice picture of downtown Cortina, main street Corso Italia and Piazza Venezia. Website features information on Cortina in English.
DamanhurView from Damanhur, a federation of communities in Northern Italy with its own social, economic, and political structure. Website features on the groups beliefs and artwork.
Gabicce Mare BeachNice view of coastline at Gabicce Mare. Website feature two more local cams and links to local hotels.
GenovaAerial view of what was thought to be Christopher Columbus' Genoese Residence. Visit website for area information and camera location.
LaiguegliaLive view from Hotel Delfino of Laigueglia. Visit website for information on the Hotel and local news in RealAudio format.
Mount EtnaView of Mount Etna. Good website with views of several volcanos.
Mount VulcanoView of Mount Vulcano. Good website with views of many volcanos.

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